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Mushroom Barley Soup

By Cole :: October 23, 2004 @ 09:47 AM

•1 Cup Barley
•6 Cup Vegetable Stock
•1/2 Cup Red Wine
•1/4 Cup Bragg's Amino Acids
•1 pound (2 regualr containers) fresh mushrooms - any variety
•1 Small package (handful) dried mushrooms - any variety
•2 stalks of celery
•1 medium onion
•2 small carrots
•5 cloves of garlic
•2 bay leaves

Rehydrate dried mushrooms in warm broth and wine combination. While mushrooms are rehydrating, saute onion, celery, garlic, carrots and mushrooms just to sweat them. Add to stock. Drain rehydrated mushrooms, adding liquid to remaining vegetable stock and amino acids. Roughly dice mushroom and add to stock. Add 1 cup of barley, simmer for one hour. Adding more liquid as needed.

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