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Tofu Stroganoff

By Cole :: October 24, 2004 @ 12:19 PM

Saute in small margarine:
     2 chopped onion
Add and saute:
     1 lb sliced mushrooms
     1/2 t salt
     1/2 t pepper
     4 T chives
     2 t garlic powder
Add and cook small
     2 blocks tofu, mashed
Add, cook till alcohol evaporates
     4 T sherry
Add and heat
     1/2 cup tamari (regular ok) soy sauce
     2 cups sour cream (reduced fat/fat free)
Serve over elbow macaroni.

Notes: Makes A LOT of food. Nicole prefers over egg noodles. Hassan likes green beans served with this. Recipe originally from Celeste.

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