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Vegetable Soup

By Cole :: October 24, 2004 @ 11:32 AM

•2/3 cup sliced carrot
•1/2 cup chopped onion
•2 garlic cloves, minced
•1 can broth (beef, chicken, or vegetable)
•1 regular-size can diced tomatoes, with juices
•1 cup chopped cabbage
•1/2 cup green beans
•1/2 teaspoon dried basil
•1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
•1/4 teaspoon salt
•pepper to taste
•1/2 cup chopped zucchini

Spray a large saucepan with nonstick cooking spray. Saute carrot, onion, and garlic over low heat until softened, about 5 minutes. Add broth, tomatoes with juices, cabbage, beans, and seasonings. Lower heat and simmer, covered, about 15 minutes or until beans are tender. Stir in zucchini and cook 3-4 additional minutes.
Can be served hot or chilled.

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