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New look, kinda

By Hass :: January 04, 2005 @ 09:53 AM

I realized I was never going to finish the upgrades to the site before we moved, and possibly not before Sprout is born, and possibly not before a 5th birthday. So, I made the redeisgn that I have the front page.

So the stylesheet is updated, but the the templates don't completely match the stylesheets causing a whole range of wacky hyjinx. Give it some time I can likely make a couple fixes to pull this of most of the way.

The main thing holding up launching it earlier is the picutre int he front. I want to fully automate that as part of the photoblog. Photo blog you say, yes I want one, no I don't have one. I've been searching for a good way to do it, and I think I can using a bevy of plugins to automate it all and just drop photos into a folder and poof make an album or splash or an entry, somehtign fancy ya know. but with minimal work in the long run. however I don't have time to put forth the effort in the short run.

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