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Renewed interest in cartography

By Hass :: January 07, 2005 @ 05:26 AM

It's 5:30 ( in the a.m) and I've been up thinking about maps for 90 minutes. There's nothing like an unmitigated cataclysmic event to make you enjoy making maps again. Journalistic cartography certainly is a cruel mistress. 150,00 people dead and I've got all of the space I want to create beuatiful (hopefully) maps. With news like this, you really can't make a map that's too big.

What a hectic two weeks it's been, large daily maps for the first week, a double truck for tuesday of the second week, a little break (used to reflect on the double truck's vastness and experiment with Natural-Color maps), and now back in the fray for another run at it with some new arrows in my quiver.

Remember mapping the war in Afhganistan? I was so reckless and oversaturated about hypsometric tints. Now that I'm all a tingle about Natural-Color, hypsometric seems so 2001. At SND in 2002, BIll McNulty let me in on a little prediction, that raster GIS would be the next big thing in newspaper mapping. I didn't have the courage to disagree(in hopes of finding employment), but I did internally scoff at his liberal use of population density data. He might have been right, but the data to OOooo and ah about is not Landscan, but possibly well used MODIS VCF (Vegetation Continuous Fields)

Using preemptive hindsight I can say my maps this week SUCK EGGS! (although I think they are pretty cool right now- and yes I will post some soon)

Recommended reading http://www.shadedrelief.com/:: A wonderful set of tutorials. Once things calm down, I'd like to expand on some of Tom Patterson's techniques and how I use them. note: I don't expect things to ever calm down.

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