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Visisble signs of Life

By Hass :: January 05, 2005 @ 08:34 PM

We've been able to feel sprout Kick for months, but now we've got a whole new source of entertainment. We can see sprout kick. Little feet move pitter pat across the belly. oh the wonders of parenthood, this is more exciting than Television. I bet there is some way to harness the power of these little feet to create energy, and then rule the world. bruh-Ha-Ha!

something else to note: If I push on sprout from the top of the belly, mom can feel it on the bottom!

We also finished reading another book to sprout last night. Sprout seems to have all of the same book preferences as daddy, go figure. It took us a couple of nights and sprout did most of the reading to complete David Macaully’s UNBUILDING.

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What else could Sprout do with those little feet? Give Mama and Daddy a kick in the ??? After giving away the video camera that languished for years in Hass' chest of toys, we finally have a use for it. Now Mama's off to read reviews on all the new ones out there.

Posted by: Nicole at January 5, 2005 08:48 PM