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What days is it?

By Hass :: January 03, 2005 @ 10:27 PM

More than a hundred thousand people dead in Asia, I wonder what Hass has been up to? yes that's right folks, I've been at work. I've done at least five 3 colum plus maps of the disaster in the last week, culminating in a double truck. It's been a blur of a lot of work, not much sleep not much quiet and not much eating. I reached a new low today by arriving at work while it was dark, and leaving whence the earth had rotated back put Newark in darkness again.

We seem to have kicked the NY Times' girlie little cartographic ass. I haven't seen any other pubs though so I don't know what anybody else did, like I said a blur. Not sure if the Times had much of staff last week, we certainly didn't but we still kicked geology.

I'm in the hardest part of the doubel truck, the worrying and waiting. will it print well? did I spell my name correctly? did I put my social security number in accidentally? we'll fin out tomorrow.

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