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Are we there yet?

By Hass :: February 20, 2005 @ 10:02 PM

Nope, and we don't seem to be getting any closer either. That's not really true, we are getting closer, but there isn't much of note going on. Sprout continues on her schedule and isn't giving us too many new hints as to what's going on. We'll get a better idea of new developments on Tuesday morning, our weekly checkup day.

The only thing that has changed since a week ago when the baby seemed minutes away from popping out is the first time parental paranoia. Yeah, all babies do this and that and all pregnant women go through this science experiment, that doesn't mean the baby is gonna be here any sooner. And there were a lot of new and exciting things happening a week ago, but now we're down to just exciting things making for a diminished feeling of urgency.

Sprout is still riding low, the cervix is still a good 2cm dialated (as far as we know), we don't know if the mucous plug was jetissoned, contractions continue with about 36 hours between them (The steady rate for more than a week now.)

As far as the homefront goes, we've still got a lot of setting up to do in sprout's room, but the rest of the apartment is about 92% setup, books are unpacked, picutres hung, surfaces cleanned and the cat adjusted to suburban windows. Sprout's not going to be in her room much at first anyway so what's the big deal if the room is filled with the cat's illicit speak-easy serving up a potent mix of booze, gambling and drunken shenanigins. Somedays it feels like we're living in a Kitty Cantina South of the Border.

We also picked up a nifty little iSight camera. And we've got a little webcam going. Don't get your voyeristic ears perked up though, we're not fully setup with it and even when it is set up you'll likely see a lot of the cat sitting in the window. Please don't waste too much time hoping for an image to update, the camera isn't on at the momment. As far as the image up there now goes, that's a completely unposed pregnant belly, ain't she cute. For those of you longtime readers, you may want to recall the cooking cam that seems to refresh every 5-10 years depending on your browser.

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