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Behind the wheel of a large automobile

By Hass :: February 03, 2005 @ 08:40 AM

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, and forecasts show hecticness for the next 20 years though. . .

But a couple of things have happened as we watch the days go by. We're settling into the new apartment and enjoying suburban living. Lots of windows for the gato to stare out of, a real kitchen, lots of boxes stacked in corners. but life is good here. The water is so tasty that we jetisonned the brita, drinking straight from the tap.

I expected to feel dirty about driving to work on the highway instead of taking the train and walking through the streets of Newark. But it's really kinda nice. It takes me about 10 minutes longer to get all the way home than it took me to get to the train station before. Another huge plus is climate control in the car, no worries about cold, rainy, or hot days. As long as I can get from building to car I'm fine.

What would Suburban New Jersey be without an SUV? So we picked up a Honda CRV from Madison Honda, a great dealership by the way.

I do feel dirty about our new furniture though. The Sofa and chair came with a small cube for resting our feet. Some call it an Ottoman. Why has this racist and imperial term endured? Time to start a revolution and reclaim the word for the Ottoman people! oh wait, their emprie is gone I guess they are worrying about getting that back before reclaiming vocabulary.

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