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Contact, Contact

By Hass :: February 20, 2005 @ 11:53 PM

Tired of being the last one to find out about Sprout?

Are all of your friends more up to date on the joyus little one?

Want to be the first one in the know? all you have to do is let us know who you are.

Provided there is enough time for digital noodling while timing contractions, we plan to send out an email announcing our departure for the hospital. Want to be on the list? Please comment to this message and give us your current email address. If you don't want the address posted to the website, just mention it in the body of the comment, all comments are approved by a real person!

assuming there is time, I plan to set my AIM (screename: hassanhodges)away message to something witty about being in labor. So, add me to your buddy list and keep your eyes open. If there isn't time though, this won't be happening, but please do add me to your buddy list.

We're also planning phone calls, but want to keep these the absolute minimum, because it's easy to type up an email before hand and just hit send, but it's a little trickier to make lots of calls and chat it up while timing contractions. If you would like to be on the call list, please submit an essay of 250 words minimum explaining why you need a call.

We'd also like to post some blog entries, but make no promises here either.

after sprout shows up we'll hopefully find a means of posting to the blog and sending more email, but would like to update our email address lists.

There will also be a birth announcemtn, but that will take a wcouple days to get in the mail and even longer to get to you. We updated our address book for sending the seasons greetings letter fo dec 04.

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