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Fear and Todo lists revisited

By Hass :: February 20, 2005 @ 10:50 PM

We've made signifigant progress on both the fears and the todo items. Hopefully everything can be taken care of before the big day.

FEAR:Getting home from the hospital and realizing she doesn't have a social security number. Natalie Montoya-Barnes, a new new mother a good friend says the process just starts there and the rest is taken care of like everything else.
TODO: Buy changing table and/or dresser figured this one out
TODO: Car seat safety check done
FEAR: picking the wrong name working on it.
TODO: comprehensive contact list/phone tree. FYI: we're only trying to make as few phone calls as possible when we go into laborm we'll be busy ya know.
FEAR: getting stuck behind the recycling truck on ridgedale ave. on the way to the hospital The recyclying truck is only there on Monday mornings
FEAR: leaving the cat without any food when we go to the hospital worked out, thanks Mary and Steve.
TODO: finish the photo gallery functionality of the blog. close enough, but not throughly tested.
FEAR: not having enough for Hass to eat at hospital
FEAR: not having all of my lenses with us at the hospital
TODO: pack camera bag, LIGHTLY
TODO: clean closet Done, thanks cole
TODO: get hair cut
FEAR: vomiting at any point
TODO: let everybody know the blog will be a good place to get the latest baby info
TODO: get webcam so we can have live baby shows.
FEAR: baby has my vision
TODO: clean litter box

NEW FEAR: Being too excited when sprout shows up and hugging the Dr. in an inappropriate manner.
NEW FEAR: Bad weather when its time to go.
NEW TODO: Break down the boxes that fill sprout's room.
NEW FEAR: The cracked windshield on the Matrix shattering.
NEW TODO: Duct Tape the windshield
NEW FEAR: Not having enough puppets, or adequate juggling skills to entertain Sprout.
NEW TODO: Organize the books by size
NEW TODO: Check/Charge camera betteries
NEW FEAR: Laughing at Nicole waddling through a grocery store isle, again.

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