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Fears and Todo; one list to rule them all

By Hass :: February 16, 2005 @ 09:20 AM

fear: Getting home from the hospital and realizing she doesn't have a social security number.
todo: Buy changing table and/or dresser
todo: Car seat safety check
fear: picking the wrong name
todo: comprehensive contact list/phone tree. FYI: we're only planning to make three phone calls when we go into labor. (Celeste, Nat, Work) those three poeple will be responsible for disseminating information further. how that's going to be done we don't know.
fear: getting stuck behind the recycling truck on ridgedale ave. on the way to the hospital
fear: leaving the cat without any food when we go to the hospital
todo: finish the photo gallery functionality of the blog.
fear: not having enough for Hass to eat at hospital
fear: not having all of my lenses with us at the hospital
todo: pack camera bag, LIGHTLY
todo: clean closet
todo: get hair cut
fear: vomiting at any point
todo: let everybody know the blog will be a good place to get the latest baby info
todo: get webcam so we can have live baby shows.
fear: baby has my vision
todo: clean litter box

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