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Nesting Confusion?

By Cole :: February 15, 2005 @ 09:24 PM

You may wonder, as Sprout's arrival grows ever closer; what is a day in the life of Hassan and Nicole like these days? Is Nicole feverishly cleaning every nook and cranny, while Hass tries to talk her off her lysol induced ledge? The answer (for those of you dying to know), is no - not at all. Instead, you'd find there's a bit of role reversal going on. I've taken the relaxed approach to Sprout's impending birth, and well - Hass is feverishly trying to make up the difference of those actions. Today has been about assembling baby items (Papasan chair or swing anyone? We've got 'em fully assembeled!), and asking me no less the a half dozen times if Sprout was making any progress in her attempts to crawl out of my cervix.

I could string you along for another paragraph or so, but I'll cut to the chase. No Sprout has made no progress. We're still effacing, and dilating, and I'm still contracting. However, the average time span between contractions is approximately 36 hours. Hassan is convinced she's going to sneak up on us, that my hospital/labor bag should be packed, and that I should be prepared for her arrival.

News flash:

I've been growing this baby inside of my for nearly 10 months, there is nothing about this situation that is going to sneak up on me. From the moment I discovered I was pregnant one morning, I have known with absolute certainty, that I was going to have to push/squueze/ and /or cajole this child out of my body.

So instead of concentrating on an inevitability that I've known was coming for a long time, I'm enjoying the time I have left. The time with Sprout when I know she's tucked away somewhere safe. Safe from the inevitable skinned knees, broken hearts, and the countless other things I won't be able to or will fail at protecting her from.

Hassan however, has realized that this science experiment he's been playing with for the past 38 weeks is about to explode. I think the inevitability of it all has just occurred to him, and by god - everything will be assembeled before she gets here!

Hell, I wish I had his motivation. Maybe I'd get that hospital bag packed.

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Oh how quickly we forget. From day zero sprout has been a little ahead of schedule. Conception wasn't supposed to happen so quickly. She wasn't supposed to measure a little large. She wasn't supposed to negotiate international treaties on iron exports at this young age. But she has done all of those things, and done them ahead of schedule. Why would we expect birth to be anything later?

Posted by: Hassan Hodges at February 15, 2005 09:50 PM