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The weaker sex?

By Cole :: February 08, 2005 @ 04:53 PM

A plague, no a pox, a something on our house! Illness has plagued the Hodges residence for the past week, and frankly the end may not be in site. Regardless, this has made for an interesting sociological experiment of sorts. It isn't often that Hassan and I are sick at the same time, more often then not we take turns, or it just skips one of us. This time there has been a delightful overlap in illness.

What observations can be made in this experiment gone awry? Either Hassan is a good deal "sicker" then I am, or I'm a good deal more stubborn/ridiculous/foolish (insert adjective of your choice). At 36 weeks pregnant, I schleped my tired, swollen body into work everyday last week with a miserable cold. Where in the world is Hassan? On day 3 of his cold, he's home from work for the second consecutive day. Now to his defense, he did attempt work this morning, but that didn't - erm, work out so well.

Can we draw conclusions from this madcap experiment? I don't think so. I think the simple moral of the story is that I need to use some sick time every once and a while.

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