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2005-03-20 16:58:09

By Hass :: March 23, 2005 @ 05:53 PM

Last Roll

Another day, not much to report. We're kinda getting into the parenting groove. We seem to have everything under control, but don't have a ton of time for blogging.

Sprout has been looking around, we think she is above average in terms of developmental skills and atheltic ability, but what else would you expect from parents? She sleeps, she doesn't sleep, we burp her, we feed her, we're tired. Nothing we can't handle though.

Last night's dinner menu: Salad with a homemade creamy Parsley Paprika dressing. Brown sugared baked sweet potatos and Mozzeralla sticks with Marinara Sauce. The little one still has a perfect record of sleeping through our candle-lit dinners, though many of the meals have consisted of Macaroni and Chesse, from a box.

Filled up the hard drive with baby pictures and movies, so we had to get another drive. Hopefully by tomorrow, I can make some more space and put up some more pics.

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