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Easter afternoon at Ikea (highlights)

By Hass :: March 27, 2005 @ 07:19 PM

To combat a worsening case of cabin fever, we headed out with Josie in tow. Everything else was closed so we went to the Mecca of affordable Sweedish furniture.

• The store was packed with secular urbanites, peoples of many non-christian persuasions, and the faithfull; dressed in their sunday best with lacy-dress wearing little girls strapped into strollers.
• out of the car we lept and realized we had never mated the stroller and the car seat. --Panic-- After a few minutes we had an arrangement that was satisfactory, not quite the manufacturers' recommended set up but it was close enough.
• The clamor of the vast entrance hall drowns out Josie's screams.
• The narrower confines of the showroom floor amplify baby screams and draw the gaze of curious onlookers.
• As our gaze drifted to the curious on lookers, popups began to form around them "These hands are not washed" "I have the sniffles" "guess what I'm coughing up!" "I have germ vision and can infect your daughter with a wierd tropical disease using only my eyes, Bru-ha-ha-ha-ha" "wow, that baby is small, should you really have her out in public like this?"
• The stroller corners great, a little loose on the straight aways though.
• you can't get a stroller between the bollards of the exit.

Summary for Josie's first outing involving the stroller:
30 minute drive (each way)
15 minutes in the store (~5 crying, 5 awake, 5 sleeping)
0 diapers soiled
0 items purchased

The world is a different place when viewed from the handle of a stroller.

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