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M.D.A.E.B.B (Mid-day and Evening Baby Briefing)

By Cole :: March 06, 2005 @ 04:43 PM

Okay, here's where we stand:

• We're running out of snappy headlines. Suggestions? Suggestions? Winner gets to see their headline used.

• Hassan's interest in the website is beginng to fade, and not slowly. After months of perfecting this baby, the man is turning his interests back to his sorely neglected photography. Expect to see less exciting changes to Mapgoblin, but potentially more pictures (at least of Sprout).

• We're considering going out for Indian food. Hass has this theory that some Vegetable Vindaloo should get Sprout moving. Nicole thinks this will only result in indigestion and not labor.

• Our crib was delievered today, Sprout now has 2 places she can lounge around and/or sleep in the house. The only other entity in the house that can claim equal to or more is the cat, however his ability to fall asleep while standing up may give him a strategic advantage over everyone.

• Oh, yea - the baby-briefing. Nothing to report.

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