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My Professional Opinion

By Hass :: March 02, 2005 @ 09:37 AM

As a trained journalist who has participated in upwards of zero birthing processes over my long carrer, I can officially say that I think we're about to have a baby, I'm putting my money on something popping out within in the next 48 hours. That should get us onto 03/04/05.

I'm off to work (with my cell phone in hand), gotta finish a few things. Nicole is on the couch, looking puny. A towel is neatly placed under the business areas incase the water breaks. Says she's having cramps and blaming them on the mexican we had for dinner last night. I say she's having contractions.

This has been complete speculation. (TRANSLATION: don't get your hopes up too high)

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All this time, I've been thinking that the coolest birthday would be 03/04/05.

But I realized that Saturday would be good too.
That would be 03/05/05. It would be a nice match for her cousin's 04/03/03.

Posted by: Kadi at March 2, 2005 09:07 PM