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Nadda mucho

By Hass :: March 09, 2005 @ 06:49 AM

Wednesday morning update: Nothing to report.

Developments you can expect today: A date and time for the induction, with commentary from the mommy.

Things to do: review breathing directions; make little sign that says "I'm a breast fed baby, don't give me a bottle"

Fears: Throwing up; hugging the dr. too heartly.

Links: Do we seem impatient? We are, as Daddy Chip noted. But it probably seems much worse on the blog than in real Life. We're posting frequently with no news for the benfit of the fams, who are far away but love us muchly. If we didn't have this captive audience we'd have stopped posting when we stopped having something to say. But we continue . . . A little heads up though. once Sprout shows up you can expect to see a decline in the frequency of postings, but a profound increase in the number of cute pictures.

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Nothing wrong with being impatient! After nine months of waiting and watching baby get bigger and bigger (or at least mom's tummy...) it's exciting to think about baby actually arriving!

Posted by: chip at March 9, 2005 08:33 AM