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Only a moment away

By Hass :: March 08, 2005 @ 02:48 PM

The board is set, and the game will soon be in motion. We're back from the Dr. and the good word is:

• Sprout is doing just fine and dandy, nice heart beat, plenty of fluid, cute smile and hanging out in a real comfy place.

• The smack down has been set. We've got 48 hours to get her moving on our own, or they will use modern "medicine" to pry the bun from the oven. Thus inducing us into the national parental society. The final date and time hasn't yet been set, but once everything is scheduled they are planning to get things started on Thursday or Friday.

• Roads are crappy, Hass (yeah remember him) opted to just take the whole day off for our last day of playing hookey and really playing hookey instead of playing entertain the drooling urchin. It seemed silly to brave the ice and traffic only to get to work and have labor start. Perhaps risks like that are all it would take to get the little one moving.

For our last day of freedom we're planning to lie around naked reading socialist propoganda.

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Hey guys good luck with everything especially in this weather! Hassan, I added you to my blogroll! Now we are publically connected to each other.

Posted by: BigLug at March 8, 2005 07:52 PM