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By Cole :: March 21, 2005 @ 07:50 AM

My mother sent me flowers last week, the attached card said simply " Children redefine your life, Love Mom". At the time, I understood the sentiment in the grander scheme. We are no longer a family of two, we had changed the very definition of our family.

This morning, I realize there is a less grandiose notion to that sentiment. However, the original statement says it best. Sprout's arrival has redefined nearly every aspect of our lives. For example:

• Sleep - Three hours at a stretch? Sounds divine. I am a fully functional adult on that amount of sleep. Furthermore, you string 2 of those stretches together over the course of a night, even broken up by one or two hours, and that I dare say is a full nights sleep.

• Cleanliness - The standards for my own, the house, and even Sprout's personal hygiene have been redefined. Two weeks ago I would never have imagined letting my baby sleep in a poopy diaper. Today my motto is - if it isn't bugging her, it isn't bugging me.

• Hunger - Eat what's available. The time of the meal matters not. Pancakes for dinner are entirely appropriate. Most importantly, eat when the kid is sleeping.

• Preconceived notions - Throw them out the window. "I won't use a pacifier/let her sleep in our bed/insert your own conventional wisdom"

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