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The Last Hurrah

By Cole :: March 31, 2005 @ 11:03 AM

I also, for a more dramatic effect, briefly considered titling this post "Oh My God, What Did I do to her Hair".

Let me explain:

Josie got her last sponge bath this morning. You may wonder why she's still getting sponge baths if her separation from the cord has been finalized. Well, you see - you have to let the belly button heal for a few days before you submerge your wee one in tub of tepid water. Hence, Josie was stinky (poor Hass had a hell of diaper change last night after Josie's first initial stretch of sleep), and because we don't let stinky babies lie as a rule of thumb in this house - we fired up the sponge bathing tools and went to work.

As I previously mentioned Josie hates bath time, I cannot say this often enough. The only thing Josie despises more then bath time is getting undressed. So you see, the situation is already rapidly disintegrating before I even touch her with a soapy cloth. Today's bath episode was much the same as previous ones. There's been little improvement in the three weeks we've been doing this (yes, our little baby is three weeks old today). However, what made today's bath time blog worthy? Well I swear I didn't do anything differently, but to explain the potential dramatic title - something funny is up with my baby's hair. If you examine her newborn pictures, you discover she had this little spiky mess atop her head, today after bath time that mess reappeared. It will not go away. It sits there, taunting me.

The unfortunate truth that I'm faced with this morning is something I'd long suspected. Josie is destined at worst to have plain old bad hair, and at best to have wildly uncontrollable hair. It's her legacy. There are plenty of other genetic factors, like eyesight where the kid stands of chance of winning out. Granted, Hassan can't see 8 inches past his face without glasses, but I'm actually one of the oddities that wore glasses as a child only to see their vision improve as an adult. There's hope there. I can't offer this poor kid any hope when it comes to hair. Hassan's hair becomes this pseudo-afro poofy blob when it grows longer then an inch and a half, and mine is far too thick and wavy to be controlled.

So just remember, when you see pictures of Josie, and your first inclination is to think "My God - her hair!" - Remember it was genetics that did her wrong.

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