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By Hass :: April 01, 2005 @ 08:06 AM


Looks like Josie has a birthmark coming in on her right shin. It's pretty big, but I think she'll wear it as a badge of honor. We did a little research on it and found that there is a long history of distinguished people with similar birthmarks.

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Hey, Mr. Photoshop, I think that's her LEFT shin :-)

Posted by: Grandma Celeste at April 1, 2005 08:47 AM

Yeah, I know it's her left shin. Just reinforcing the satirical aspects of the post.

Posted by: Hassan Hodges at April 1, 2005 10:03 AM

I bet you created that excuse after reading my comment.

Posted by: Grandma Celeste at April 1, 2005 02:51 PM