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Lessons learned

By Hass :: April 17, 2005 @ 10:49 PM

It was suprisingly diverse photographic weekend with shoots involving: Josie, extended family, IR budding leaves and a suprise party. A few lessons were gleaned. As usual, the over-arching lesson was "Think, Think, Think!" the main thing I continuously kick myself over.

Lessons (things I coulda done better)
1) Don't shoot Infrared, then switch over to regular shots for an event. It's a tricky mental transition, from calculating bulb exposures to considering flash compensation.
2) It's a party, shoulda shot more. When was the last time I kicked myself about shooitng too manys shots and not enough?
3) Shoulda brought the lensbaby in from the car.
4) Spot metering would have helped my cause a couple times at the party, it's all too painlfully clear from looking at the reject pile. Think think think.
5) Flash, I've really got to master the flash. It's still a big mental block for me, too often giving way under or way over exposed shots. The flash shots could have been helped if I had stoped to think think think, then I would have switched to time priority and gotten more keepers instead of getting lucky.

1) why doesn't IR work with an extension tube?
2) why was a my color balance so off on a couple of the party shots? was it the combination of streaming in sun light and artifical light? yellow walss? probably could have done a manual white balance adjustment.
3) why didn't I shoot any b&w at the party? I like the look, I find it conveys the mood better.

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