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The Demise of Tummy Time

By Cole :: April 18, 2005 @ 05:54 PM

A bit of random baby knowledge:

Babies need to spend time on their tummies, particularly since it is now taboo for babies to sleep on those tummies.

Hence, since Sprout's first visit to the Dr at 6 days old (Dr's philosophy: back to sleep, tummy to play) - we've subjected Sprout to a daily routine of tummy time. Sprout has never appreciated this effort. We usually accomplished it in increments of several minutes at a time. Generally we'd place her down on her tummy until she was writhing, whining, screaming, or some combination of the three, and then we'd roll her over so she could continue developing her world domination scheme with the cat.

Sprout has devised a way to thwart our tummy time initiative. She rolls. I mentioned previously that she had rolled from her tummy to her side/back while at the Dr's office on Friday. Honestly, I didn't expect this trick would show up with any consistency. I thought it was a fluke. I thought she was a one trick pony. I was wrong. Today we played a game of - place baby on tummy - baby rolls - place baby on tummy - baby rolls - repeat - repeat- repeat.

Here's to hoping the whole and only reason for placing her on her tummy was to teach her how to roll over, because tummy time is over now.

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