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The Nap Strike Endeth

By Cole :: April 14, 2005 @ 01:53 PM

It's been an interesting week around here. We started off recovering from the "weekend of no naps", and Josie quickly rallied to provide us two additional days of limited nappage. Things were getting ugly. Mom was frustrated, Dad got called up from the minor leagues to take his shot at soothing the inconsola-baby. And Josie? Josie just kept fussing, and not sleeping.

Last night Josie inexplicably slept through most of the night. This afternoon she went down for a nap as if it were something she did everyday, not something that she had done her baby best to avoid for the past two days. Was/is she simply overtired from two days of nap boycott? Or has she taken in enough of the world around her and simply deemed it not as exciting as she had thought? The world may never know.

The problem with Josie sleeping 7.5 hours is that we now know her ability. Knowing her ability begs the question - why can't you just sleep on a schedule already kid? Also, it further begs the question: When will Hassan and Nicole start sleeping through the night again?

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