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The Weekend in Review

By Cole :: April 11, 2005 @ 11:03 AM

Another weekend come and gone in Casa de Hodges. Here are the highlights:

• Baby Henry comes for a visit! Pictures to follow. (oh yeah, he brought Mom and Dad with him too)
• Josie's affinity for walks becomes evident (weekend total, not including a trip to Babies R Us = 4)
• Josies's second bath, a raving success! Minimal crying, screaming, or general fusser-monkey behavior. She even seemed to have enjoyed it.
• Hassan and Nicole discover that Josie will not nap when Hassan is around, we have no idea why. Here's what we know: Nap total for the weekend = 0 (unless you count the walks, she napped then). Nap total for Monday = 1. Anyone care to take a guess on this one?
• Total number of movies watched by Hassan and Nicole = 2 (oh, we've discovered Netflix!).

More exciting adventures to come this week.

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