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Monday Blues

By Hass :: May 16, 2005 @ 08:22 AM

Grandparents were here for the weekend bringing Josie excitement and wonder. All of the news faces, and multiple outings in one day! Leaving us with an over stimulated baby who jsut wants to scream all the time. No, these aren't bad screams, just screams of all sorts, joy, tiredness, wonder, excitement, boredom. Yeah, the parents are pretty tired too, I hope this entry made sense.

to sum up in list form, because the higher literary parts of my brain are drowsy:
1) grand parents visited for the weekend.
2) two outing in one day are too many for the little bug, it over stimulates her and wears us out.
3) she's a little cranky but more or less content, but she is screaming a lot today.

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