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One trick pony stops performing

By Hass :: May 03, 2005 @ 07:33 AM

The last 5 weeks or so have been a baby sleeping delight. mostly through the night on a regular basis. Those days seem to be over, numbered, or at least inconsistent now. The one thing that seem to bring nocturnal bliss to the Hodges house hold was the infant carrier. But alas its charm seems to be wearing as thin as an uninvited guest at a funeral.

The problem seems to be her new found fascination with rolling over. She physically can't do it in the car seat(try rolling yourself over in a recliner), but that is no reason for her not to try. Always rolling to her left she twists, contorts, bends and bucks like a rodeo bull. Legs swinging wildly she squirms and fusses her way out of the swaddle and winds up awake.

Awake and pissed off that is, and not just pissed off at the situation she finds herself in, she is pissed off at us. "Mom, Mom! why did you contort me so? can't you just let me sleep on my back like all of the other babies!" and we try reasoning with her but she just fusses more and refuses to listen. then she passes out and off to sleep, and 2 hours later, repeat.

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Ponys and rodeo bulls, I wonder how google will rank this page . . .

Posted by: Hassan Hodges at May 3, 2005 08:43 AM