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One trick Pony rediscovers old trick

By Cole :: May 04, 2005 @ 09:37 AM

Here's the thing about little babies, they either:

A) Have serious short term memory problems


B) Behave oddly for no reason whatsoever.

As Hass alluded to yesterday, Josie had suddenly and inexplicably rebelled against the infant carrier. Assuming she had grown uncomfortable in it, we tried just putting her down to sleep on her back, in the crib "like all the other babies". That resulted in large amounts of terror filled screaming, something like "Mom, Mom what is this, how did I get on my back? Daddy? Daddy? Help me! For the love of god help me!"

We had a rough night, and a series of not great naps becasue of this, then last night, as suddenly as our problems began, they stopped. I'm of the opinion that Josie is just screwing with us, that every 7 days or so, she likes to remind us what life could be like, in order to keep us eternally grateful for the nights like last night, when she goes to bed at 7, sleeps until 2:30, and then gets up with Daddy at 6.

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Like all children,never assume.. and when you think they are on a schedule...they give us a reality check.Love Mom

Posted by: Mom at May 4, 2005 01:20 PM

"Like all the other babies."

Actually, all the other babies sleep in their car seats or in their swings. Except for the handful that only sleep in the carseat while being driven.

The elusive baby who sleeps flat on her back in a crib is a myth fueled by the Man.

Posted by: Kadi at May 5, 2005 09:54 PM