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Bite me

By Hass :: June 29, 2005 @ 08:52 AM

I think we've found the root of Josie's recent restlessness and persistent rage, little chompers are coming in! She's teething. A big developmental stage for everybody, Josie gets to test out a new body part, and the parents get to test out their patience.

The discovery of teeth came at about 4:15. Josie had been in a persistent low-grade meltdown for about 75 minutes. Daddy had already been counting down the time until the 5 p.m. bath —a sure fire happy maker, but only good once a day— since 1 p.m. . And the fusing was only escalating. Nobody is really sure how the teething realization was made, the cat is partial to the Monolith theory, Hass thinks he was just smart, Cole says she had already known for days. Anyway you slice it, Hass ran down the hall, grabbed the frozen teething ring, shoved it in Josie's mouth and it was like an exorcism. The foul demons were gone and the happy baby had returnned.

Armed with knowledge, we have been able to treat Josie's excessive pissed-off-ed-ness. A little tylenol kept her sleeping through the night, with a completely acceptable 2 wake ups. Mommy on the other hand was up 6 times to check on her. Daddy slept, and was even able to sleep in until 6 a.m., making up a house full of happy campers.

It just goes to show, knowing is half the battle.

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