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Josie sleeps . . .

By Hass :: June 23, 2005 @ 07:35 AM

. . . and I have no idea what to do with myself. The bambino has fallen into a predicatable getting up at 5 a.m. patten. except for this morning, since she is still asleep. I guess I'll just get going with all of the things I try to do every morning but can't because my hands are occupied.

speaking of occupied, I tried out the speach recognition in OSX (10.4.1)last night. I don't know if they improved it recently or in recent years, but it works like a charm. The reason for my interest in this little gizmo is multi-tasking time with josie. I'm finding our 3-month old occupies more hand time than brain time, which leaves me sitting in front of the laptop holding her, wiping spit-up, and feeding her. All the while, the laptop sits there mocking me as it waits for the next command. We never should have installed that attitude extension, it gets so lippy and mean. so now I'm all set up to start speaking my commands, the first step toward developping an omnipitence complex.

speaking of humbleness, I'm getting tired of MapGoblin. not of the name, or the blog, but of the look. I think my first SAHD project will be an undesign of the website. I'm even considering splitting the site into a few individual parts(photoblog, baby/family blog, maps/tech/journalism blog). I'm considering migrating to wordpress too, but I'd like to avoid anything to big to actually get done. If anybody has requests of things you'd like to see let me know. One frequent request from grand parents has been pictures, so I'm thinking a photoblog might help that cause.

we ordered a jogging stroller yesterday,a nd are very excited about it, although josie might not like it.

only two days of work left before I go on leave to do the stay at home dad thing and nicole gives work a try. I'm planning to go with more frequent updates during those days, more of a daily log.

ooooo I hear whimpering, (the early warning sound to crying).

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