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Riding in Style

By Hass :: June 29, 2005 @ 09:05 AM

Josie's new ride showed up yesterday, and we went out for a test drive this morning. To everybody's delight an relief, she loved it!

Planning for the future, we opted for the 2 seater. Future you may ask? nope, there is no bun in the oven and there won't be anytime soon, but we're planning to use the the stroller for the next 5 years and we don't plan for the J-dog to be an only child that long. The neat thing about this two seater is that Josie can jsut sit right in the middle until she has some company.

oh in case you're wondering why the Cougar 2 looks a little different from other jogging strollers, it's because it's not just a jogging stroller! We can also ski, hike, bike, and stroll. And when we're out and about we own the sidewalk in this thing. I've had apartments that are smaller.

The other great thing about using it is the compulsion to run with it! we're planning to get back into our jogging routine this weekend, after a year long pregnany and tendinitis induced absence. We just took it out for a walk this morning, but the feel of a padded handle bar in my hands brought out the desire to run. 50 yards later, that desire was gone.

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