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SAHD, day 2, noon

By Hass :: June 28, 2005 @ 12:25 PM

Two days in, and everything is peaches and sunshine, not. Josie has been sleeping like the undead(so has Hass, but that's another post). Her night sleep has been poor, with extended periods of awakeness around 4 or 5. but then once she gets back to sleep at 5:30 she stays asleep until 7:30. And that is the heart of the problem. When nap time rolls around at 9:30 she's cranky and warn out, but not sleepy. So I get her down to sleep and 30 minutes later she is wide awake and cranky, as opposed to waking up 2 hours later ready to tackle the afternoon. Then the afternoon nap is screwed up and then she's cranky and doesn't sleep well, repeat.

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