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SAHD triumph

By Hass :: June 30, 2005 @ 08:57 PM

Today was a good day, the first day that Josie and I shared that did not end with crying, there were no meltdowns(excluding two meltdowns in the car, but that's only because she was had to go to work)

It's amazing how good naps, make for a rage-free day, and a rage free day makes for a happy and relaxed daddy and a happy and relaxed Josie. And with happiness and relaxation comes a feeling of all being right in the universe.

Highlights of the day:
• A morning Jog, the new stroller is awesome!
• Making lunch for Mommy (Tabouleh) We should put that recipe up . . .
• A great big 2 hour and 30 minute midday nap
• A trip into Newark to visit the gang at the Star Ledger

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