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Where have all the goblins gone?

By Hass :: June 07, 2005 @ 09:17 PM

It's been a hectic few weeks for me, but things are starting to wind down.

• Josie has been a perfect little angel, growing, learning and getting ready to celebrate her first quarter of life. (it's been a resoundingly profitable success for all share holders) She is currently working on a leveraged roll-over. yes I know we've been saying for months that she can roll over, but this time it's different. She is getting very close to a more purposefull roll, one that she realizes she can do and use as a tool to accomplish any number of goals. Previous rolls have generally been used as part of fits of rage.

• Why so few posts? Hass has done a poor job of keeping work and life seprate for the last few weeks. It's been more of a strategic decision on our part and Josie now has a few nifty little O.T. checks in her college fund. The extra time for work came straight out of my blogging time. I can't go into specifics about the top secret project I've been working on, but the bossman is doing his presentation on Thursday. As part of this secret project I've been thinking quite a bit about how working at a newspaper feels a lot like being a deck-chair-presentationographer.

• Why so few posts? #2. Expired "fresh" parmessean cheese. to leave out details, the experience left me reflecting that "I need to chew better." after nearly a week, I'm starting to feel normal again. #3 computer problems, 10.4.1 not as pretty as we had hoped. #4 Blog envy, I've been using wordpress for my secret project, and have found it to be much much sweeter than the venerable MT. #4, over expanded iphoto library, too many pictures, makes it too slow.

• To tie all of this together, my head is coming back above water. We plan to do a big Josie at 3-months photo shoot and retrospective this weekend. I'm considering converting MapGoblin to wordpress. And even considering splitting the site into a couple of different blogs, to give us the room to have all of this personal content and my take on the media industrial complex.

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