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48 Hours of rolling hell

By Hass :: July 15, 2005 @ 07:51 AM

We're back form Josie's 4 month dr's visit. Actually we were back on Wednesday morning, but there hasn't been a scant momment to post. As she had her shots and there hasn't been too much fun since. To reccap:

The boring details:
• 25.5 inches (90% percentile)
• 15lb 8 oz (90% percentile)

The exciting story:
We all cried our way through the shots, all three of us, Josie, Hass and Dr. Silverman. With a flustered look, the good Dr. admited she hates this part of her job. Her look said the hate was different from an ordinary hate used for traffic or brocolli, but was more of the special reserve hate that only make an apperance at times of personal crisis or national strife. It was an ugly scene for Josie, tears beyond belief, and screams that rattled windows. Josie didn't have the monopoly on screams though, I can only assume that their were patients in other rooms also getting their shots because Josie wasn't the loudest screamer. The sounds of terror echoed through the pleasantly decorated and child friendly hallway of the office, with it's brightly color coded rooms (we were in the greem exam room). If a happy place of first world medicine can sound this despondent, I can only imagine the abject horror of a Romanian orphanage.

The aftermath:
Hepped up on Children's Tylenol, Josie maintained a low-grade fever and high-octange rage. Her moods seemed to shift between pure shrill screams and full blown meltdowns. The shrill screams most closely resembled microphone feedback, with a consistent high pitched wail at exactly the same frequency that human hearing is most capable of hearing. An added bonus of the way babies and parents are designed is that when picking up a screaming baby, the source of the scream now moves to within inches of picker-upper's ear. Total nappage for yesterday came in at just under 2 hours, spread across 4 naps, two of which were in the car. A perfect recipe for an un-happy camper. And she was teething.

A new day.
Josie logged her longest continuos stretch of sleep last night, coming in 8 minute shy of 11 hours. And today all seems right with the universe.

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