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A day with Sunshine . . .

By Hass :: July 19, 2005 @ 07:42 PM

. . . is a day that's too warm to take the baby out.

The weather has turnned hot, putting the smack-down on our regularly scheduled walks into town and run/walks around area parks. It has even greatly curtailled outdoor walks once we get to a destination. So we're making lots of trips to malls, which all seem to be the same place, but they are air conditionned. If anybody knows of good cool destinations for a 4 month old who likes to keep moving, and easily gets heat rashes we'd love to hear them.

Yesterday, was a hellish day on the toothing front, the crescendo came during a sustainned rage around 3 p.m. Hass abandonned the homeopathic toothing relief drops, and reached for the Oragel. Seconds later, all were happy, and we went out to the mall.

•In the Background
Typo, running on Ruby on Rails, quite quite cool. It's been a very geeky and domestic summmer. I finally cleanned up and tweaked out my desktop, considering posting a screen shot of that too.

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