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Developmental milestones

By Hass :: July 29, 2005 @ 05:54 AM

Josie has had a big week of learning big skills.

1) Scooting: Sustained purposeful forward propulsion. It's kinda like crawling but without the graceful fluid motion. She can raise her body up in push-up-like stance with all of the strength and precision of the first day of a junior high sports team try-out. (no, she didn't make the cut) and in a seprate manouver, she uses her legs to create forward thrust, sometimes it looks like military training as she crawls through the mud under the barbbed-wire. More often though, she just looks like a fish that had too much tequilla the night before and is now trying to walk home.

2) Bottle: She's holding it on her own now. Not quite consistently, and not quite with perfect aim, but she does grab it with both hands and thrust it toward her face. Her low standards of success mean any opening counts as a victory.

3) Interaction: Fun fun fun all the time time time. Everyday is leaving Hass with less time to play on the computer as Josie demands more fun and games. Hass is even starting to feel a little trapped in the world of cooking, cleaning, and laundering. But he has made three different kinds of jam to preserve bounty of summer until is is really needed for the winter.

4) Sitting up: not even close.

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