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Heat + Baby = tired

By Hass :: July 11, 2005 @ 07:09 PM

Took Josie out for a noon time jaunt into town (post office run, and we're looking for a bike lock for the jogging stroller). Seems it was too warm and bright for her today, and she began to resemble a wilted plant. We first sought refuge in the shadow of a bridge, which also made for some fun lighting for a photo shoot. Next stop "On a Roll" a nifty little local eatery, where I was invited in by the proprietor. Josie and I hid out there and called in Mommy for an Evac. 15 minutes later we were home with a tasty to-go lunch. 15 minutes in the AC, and Josie had perked back up and it was time for another photoshoot.

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