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Speed 2

By Hass :: July 05, 2005 @ 08:10 PM

She says life is like a windshield
It ain't no rear view mirror
The only way to get where you're goin'
Is find that higher gear
And keep it Rollin'
--Garth Brooks

We've found a simple solution (pronounced: piece-meal temporary fix) for teething. The downside, that solution involves keeping it moving. Yesterday, Josie didn't nap for longer than 30 minutes, meaning a mid-day meltdown followed by a persistent agitated state. The solution for everybody's sanity? Hitting the road, 80 miles and 5 counties later we had coaxed Josie into a 40 minute nap, and the meltdown remained at a low simmer.

This may warrant a post of it's own at some point. . . . Cole and I have never had a good July Fourth::
2001: Morning of the migrane (First time I saw Cole cry)
2002: 101°, Hass sent to buy air conditioner, Cole has stomach bug.
2003: The moved from Brooklyn to South Orange, 85°
2004: 1st trimester pregnancy, the day of dry heaves.
2005: Day of crap naps

Today went a little better, but there wasn't any slowing down. Josie spent about 90% of her waking time out and about, 1 trip to Home Depot/Asian grocery store, 1 long walk to the grocery store, and a 90 minute walk/run in the Jogging stroller.

if you drop below 50 mph, the baby loses it, keep on movin!

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