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Have a seat

By Cole :: August 21, 2005 @ 09:21 PM

Okay, so it has been months since I've posted even a short note to the blog - but I've been busy being a Mommy, and a Scientist, and a wife, and a CPA the week our taxes were due, and then there was that whole stint as a Veterarian the 6 weeks the cat was sick...Well - you get the idea - I've been busy.

Anyhow - sort of freshly returned from vacation - here's the news from the Hodges household.

• Josie is now an accomplished sitter. One day she was flopping around the the turpid little slug she's always been, and the next she was sitting in the middle of the living room saying "May I please have that frozen teether?" Okay - so that last part was made up - but at some point in the last 7 days my little girl mastered sitting, and now sits like - well, like she's always been at it.

Also, since Josie seems to be exhibiting every possible sign that she's ready for solids - excessive interest in foods, consuming more then 32 ounces of breastmilk in a day, sitting on her own, and just this weekend - she began to mimic us chewing as she was watching us eat - we'll be introducing solids next weekend. The jury's still out on what we'll be introducing - APA standards recommend rice cereal, our Pediatrician says oatmeal tastes better, and is less likely to give her gas. It'll be one or the other - I'm sure Hassan will have the event well documented.

Now, to wrap this up - here's a bit of humor.

It's no secret to those who know us best that I've lost some weight in the past 2 years - specifically 130 pounds (for those of you curious just how much it really was). Now, I'm about 30 pounds away from being done with this forever - but here's a little fable about weight loss. Why a fable? Because this week I learned a lesson.

I was obviousy much heavier when Hass and I tied the knot - 130 pounds heavier, so my wedding band was sized for a larger finger. However, I kept wearing that same wedding band, in part out of habit becasue it was just something I did before I left the house, and in part becasue I was attached to the band and I wanted to wear it.

Notice I said WAS attached.

On Tuesday afternoon I flushed my wedding band down the toilet.

In an act that took just seconds, as I raised my hand to flush the toilet at my office, the ring (a siize 10), flew off my size 7 finger, and disappeared down down down down - well you get the idea.

I promptly fell to my knees, stared straight into the bowl - and laughed.

I could have cried, I am in fact very sad to have seen the ring disappear - it was after all the band Hassan gave me the day we were married, I am as I confessed to above - emotionally attached to the object in question.

However - I've been walking around wearing a wedding band that was at least 3 sizes too big, it has fallen off my finger more times then I can count. At that moment, while on my knees staring into that bowl I had no choice but to laugh, becasue frankly - I deserved it.

So - how many of you can say you flushed your wedding band down the toilet?

Also - anyone knowing a good jeweler in the metro area - feel free to email Hass - our anniversary is coming up and the man's got some shopping to do.

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