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What's in a name?

By Hass :: September 14, 2005 @ 08:00 AM

Not much to a name, but we did celebrate two years of ownership of mapgoblin.com by allowing the registration to lapse. It's renewed now for 9 years. But we seem to be having some email troubles. The website as best we can tell didn't go down, but there don't seem to be any emails coming in, they are all just sitting in the ether of the net somewhere. unable to find their destination, mapgoblin.com because somebody forgot to pay the bills to keep the sign on their door.

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By Cole :: September 09, 2005 @ 07:45 PM

Phew, not only is this blog quiet, but it's getting dusty around here.

Unfortunately, the news is - well there is no news. Josie and I have found ourselves to be a news orphan and widow respectively. Cartographer Hass is working late hours covering some truely horrible stuff. Which coincidently leaves me with enough time in the evenings do some blogging (and loads of other stuff I usually never get to).

On the Josie front we're hitting developmental milestones left and right. Her first tooth came in 2 weeks ago (at the rip old age of 5.5 months - she's an overachiever in the teething department - it is FABULOUS let me tell you). Because she was exhibiting every possible sign she was ready for solids - we introduced those 3 weeks ago. She's currently enjoying oatmeal cereal and peas on a regular basis. Saturdays are the big food intorduction days in the house, and tomorrow we're adding green beans (thrilling). Finally, after mastering sitting, Josie is moving onto crawling. Any advice on how to delay this as long as possible? Teethering her to her back possibly? Granted she's not quick and agile yet, but she's mobile which keeps Hass and I on out toes. Finally, little J-bug has learned to soothe herself to sleep (I know who knew babies needed to learn this trick but alas it is true). Although there was some initial protest, she seems to have mastered the ability of going to sleep when she's tired.

Our little girl is 6 months old tomorrow - we'll see is Hass can overcome the crippling technical issues and get some recent pics of the bambino up here. But yea, we've managed to keep her alive for 6 whole months - think she's caught on yet that we don't have a clue as to what we're doing?

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