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Could it be?, the second update of the day

By Hass :: October 30, 2005 @ 06:57 PM

Seems that we've got enough going on to warrant an update:

Computer is fixed, well sorta. After much invasive computer surgery, I was able to swap in a new drive, giving us a roomy 100GB of space. But the reason it feels so spacious is because it's largely empty. Our precious data remains trapped on a drive with a crashed head. The computer is currently lacking a great many personal files, settings, and software. We'll need to get all of that stuff back to have any hope of getting the xmas letter out on time.

The Gato. Double ear infections, again and a dislocated toe. We're back on the ear drops, twice daily. On a regular basis he gets thrown from places he shouldn't have been in the first place, and usually lands on his feet. Friday morning, he was lightly tossed from the counter and slid into the front of the fridge and didn't get up. An emergency (pronounced $$$) trip to the vet quickly cleared up the toe, but they also found the ear infection.

Day light Savings time. Must have been invented by somebody without kids, cause Josie sure as heck doesn't care that time is different now and she shouldn't be getting up a 4:53 a.m.

Josie. Generally ahead of the curve. Nice for bragging rights, but at a scant 7 1/2 months we're chasing and barricading more than we had bargained for. She's fast with her crawling, and even quicker on the draw. It's like some bizzaro sci/fi movie terror. Crawls like a cheetah, bites like a jaguar, screams like a cave troll (when she wants to be heard), quiet as a elf (when she's in stealth mode), sucks like a hoover, climbs like a billie goat, and learns like a velociraptor. Clever Girl. We also had a possible first word today "Daddy" used twice in response to a direct question of "who's that?". The catch, a ton of false positives. Meaning that of the 30 or so times she said daddy, dada, dad, or daa only three were directed at Hass. The others seemed to be used for a wide range of things, actions, and desires.

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