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By Hass :: December 14, 2005 @ 08:15 PM

Got the call this morning, a sick kid needing to come home from school. She came home, we went to the Dr., the Dr. perscribed some meds. Fever broke, happy baby returnned, she has to stay home tomorrow too.

The sick baby is just one emblem of a larger problem. Our lives are packed too tightly and the edges are starting to wear thin. Care for the baby, work, cleanup, sleep, Repeat. Repeat, MId-week laundry, Repeat. Repeat. Grocery shop, laundry, relax (optional), start over. With no family nearby and both adult family members working full time jobs, we're nearing our wits end. Something has got to give, but we don't know what that is yet though.

So far the best idea is to make the cat earn his keep by cleaning the kitchen and doing other household chores. He licks himself, can't we just train him to lick the floor too?

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