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Have a seat

By Cole :: August 21, 2005 @ 09:21 PM

Okay, so it has been months since I've posted even a short note to the blog - but I've been busy being a Mommy, and a Scientist, and a wife, and a CPA the week our taxes were due, and then there was that whole stint as a Veterarian the 6 weeks the cat was sick...Well - you get the idea - I've been busy.

Anyhow - sort of freshly returned from vacation - here's the news from the Hodges household.

• Josie is now an accomplished sitter. One day she was flopping around the the turpid little slug she's always been, and the next she was sitting in the middle of the living room saying "May I please have that frozen teether?" Okay - so that last part was made up - but at some point in the last 7 days my little girl mastered sitting, and now sits like - well, like she's always been at it.

Also, since Josie seems to be exhibiting every possible sign that she's ready for solids - excessive interest in foods, consuming more then 32 ounces of breastmilk in a day, sitting on her own, and just this weekend - she began to mimic us chewing as she was watching us eat - we'll be introducing solids next weekend. The jury's still out on what we'll be introducing - APA standards recommend rice cereal, our Pediatrician says oatmeal tastes better, and is less likely to give her gas. It'll be one or the other - I'm sure Hassan will have the event well documented.

Now, to wrap this up - here's a bit of humor.

It's no secret to those who know us best that I've lost some weight in the past 2 years - specifically 130 pounds (for those of you curious just how much it really was). Now, I'm about 30 pounds away from being done with this forever - but here's a little fable about weight loss. Why a fable? Because this week I learned a lesson.

I was obviousy much heavier when Hass and I tied the knot - 130 pounds heavier, so my wedding band was sized for a larger finger. However, I kept wearing that same wedding band, in part out of habit becasue it was just something I did before I left the house, and in part becasue I was attached to the band and I wanted to wear it.

Notice I said WAS attached.

On Tuesday afternoon I flushed my wedding band down the toilet.

In an act that took just seconds, as I raised my hand to flush the toilet at my office, the ring (a siize 10), flew off my size 7 finger, and disappeared down down down down - well you get the idea.

I promptly fell to my knees, stared straight into the bowl - and laughed.

I could have cried, I am in fact very sad to have seen the ring disappear - it was after all the band Hassan gave me the day we were married, I am as I confessed to above - emotionally attached to the object in question.

However - I've been walking around wearing a wedding band that was at least 3 sizes too big, it has fallen off my finger more times then I can count. At that moment, while on my knees staring into that bowl I had no choice but to laugh, becasue frankly - I deserved it.

So - how many of you can say you flushed your wedding band down the toilet?

Also - anyone knowing a good jeweler in the metro area - feel free to email Hass - our anniversary is coming up and the man's got some shopping to do.

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A very suburban moment

By Cole :: April 01, 2005 @ 11:54 AM

Some years ago, Hassan and I were living in Brooklyn – in a lovely brownstone in Boreum Hill, not far from the Brooklyn Bridge, the Heights, or even Park Slope. One night after we'd gone to bed, we heard a woman screaming outside. I don't remember now what she was screaming, but I do remember Hassan jumping out of bed, throwing some pants on and heading out the door. Shortly, it became obvious that the woman had been mugged, her purse stolen, and while she was righteously angry about it, she was unhurt. Hassan had been joined by a vast variety of neighbors who had apparently done much the same thing he had upon hearing the screams. This story ends with the local police zipping up the scene of the crime, and the victim hopping in the police car with hopes they could catch the crook, who had escaped on foot just moments before.

This morning, the same individual who once jumped out of bed to stop a crime in progress - watched the UPS man fiddle in his truck, outside of our house for no less then 30 minutes (to his credit he was holding Sprout the entire time). He provided titillating play by play for the entire episode until I encouraged him to change our daughter's diaper - at which point the UPS man decided he was done fiddling with whatever and sped away.

What's my point? Once we lived in a neighborhood like Boreum Hill, where a mugging while very uncommon might happen. Today we live in a neighborhood where the most exciting thing my husband could find on the street this month, perhaps even this year - is the UPS man fiddling with something in his truck. A very suburban moment.

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The Update

By Cole :: March 25, 2005 @ 04:12 PM

The Sprout:

Is measuring 21.5 inches, and weighing in at 9lbs 9oz (that's up nearly a pound from her birth weight). She had her 2 week well baby visit today and was officially labeled a well baby. Momma and Daddy are just pleased that they managed to survive 2 weeks, and not break her.

The Gato:

Is weighing in at god knows what (15lbs something last we knew), and has an ear infection. I am convinced this is simply his own pathetic plea for attention since he's been slightly neglected since we brought the Sprouter home from the hospital.

Honestly I hope the vet doesn't freak out and call some type of pet services people on us because in reality the cat's been sick for like weeks and we just haven't noticed.

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My wife has wonderful breasts

By Hass :: March 18, 2005 @ 02:39 PM

We're back form a visit with our lactation consultant. In her professional opinion, Nicole is producing an abundant supply of milk! So abundant that we only need to feed Sprout from one side at a feeding. She gave us a few other tips which should help out our sleep quite a bit:

1) Let sleeping babies lay:: if she's sleeping comfortably don't change her.

2) Read her Bedtime stories:: okay not really, but she did say to wait 15-20 minutes between feeding and trying to put her to sleep.

3) Sprout probably isn't as hungry as she seems. Since Nicole's production is so good, sprout gets all she needs in 5 minutes. But she still has instinctual cravings to suck more. I've got ten typing fingers to let her nibble on.

Sprout also weighed in at a whoping 9 lbs 5 oz.

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About the Cookies

By Cole :: March 07, 2005 @ 06:47 PM

After some internal debate, I added my recipe for chocolate chip cookies to the recipe list. Why so much debate you may wonder? There's nothing "special" about the recipe, except that I've added a few tweaks that make for an excellent cookie.

The tweaks:
• High quality, double strength, Madagascar Vanilla.
• The best quality chocolate you can find (grocery store, garden variety semi-sweet chocolate chips are not what I'm talking about).
• Dark brown sugar.

Now, about the Vanilla, yes it is expensive, almost prohibitively so, however, I cannot suitably describe the richness in flavor it will add. Splurge, you won't regret it (and yes - use 2 teaspoons). The same rule applies for the chocolate, go for the best quality stuff you can find. As for the dark brown sugar, this also adds a richness to the cookie not present with the usage of light brown sugar.


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New Rules of the Game

By Cole :: March 07, 2005 @ 08:19 AM

We here at Mapgoblin have revised our posting policies:

1. Lack of a recent entry does not equate to labor and/or hospital trip.
2. Occurrence of recent entry may not equate to labor and/or hospital trip either.

To sum, we're running out of Sprout related posting fodder.

No additional news to report. Both Hassan and I had a lovely contraction-free weekend, followed by 8 sound hours of sleep.

Move along please.

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My wife is beautiful

By Hass :: March 06, 2005 @ 07:14 PM

Playing around with the photographic hobby, not much else to do with the baby not here yet.

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M.D.A.E.B.B (Mid-day and Evening Baby Briefing)

By Cole :: March 06, 2005 @ 04:43 PM

Okay, here's where we stand:

• We're running out of snappy headlines. Suggestions? Suggestions? Winner gets to see their headline used.

• Hassan's interest in the website is beginng to fade, and not slowly. After months of perfecting this baby, the man is turning his interests back to his sorely neglected photography. Expect to see less exciting changes to Mapgoblin, but potentially more pictures (at least of Sprout).

• We're considering going out for Indian food. Hass has this theory that some Vegetable Vindaloo should get Sprout moving. Nicole thinks this will only result in indigestion and not labor.

• Our crib was delievered today, Sprout now has 2 places she can lounge around and/or sleep in the house. The only other entity in the house that can claim equal to or more is the cat, however his ability to fall asleep while standing up may give him a strategic advantage over everyone.

• Oh, yea - the baby-briefing. Nothing to report.

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Nothin' Doin'

By Cole :: March 04, 2005 @ 11:03 AM

That about sums about the situation at the Hodges' House. However, I would be remiss without saying: Happy Due Date Sprout!

I don't think we'll be wishing Sprout a Happy Birthday today. Nothing to report here. Momma and Baby feeling well. We sent a reluctant Hassan off to work just 30 minutes ago.

Plans for the weekend include lots of walking, to see if we can get this labor thing moving along.

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By Cole :: March 03, 2005 @ 04:49 PM

That would be you (the reader), I know by now you're wondering ; "does she ever do anything other then lay around the house?" Yea, the only pictures he's taken of me recently tend to show me sleeping, getting ready to sleep, or waking up from sleeping.

So, in case you're wondering about that...I spent almost the whole of today sitting upright in the living room chair. (Check out the photo gallery to see pictures of it). It's a large and comfortable chair, with an ottoman (a furnitute term Hassan is most uncomfortable with).

That, is also the update for the day. No signs of the Sproutie yet. Hassan suggested turning off the cable and presenting her with an eviction notice. Now, if I could just get her to turn down the damn stereo long enough for her to hear me, we might be on to something.

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