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Lessons learned

By Hass :: April 17, 2005 @ 10:49 PM

It was suprisingly diverse photographic weekend with shoots involving: Josie, extended family, IR budding leaves and a suprise party. A few lessons were gleaned. As usual, the over-arching lesson was "Think, Think, Think!" the main thing I continuously kick myself over.

Lessons (things I coulda done better)
1) Don't shoot Infrared, then switch over to regular shots for an event. It's a tricky mental transition, from calculating bulb exposures to considering flash compensation.
2) It's a party, shoulda shot more. When was the last time I kicked myself about shooitng too manys shots and not enough?
3) Shoulda brought the lensbaby in from the car.
4) Spot metering would have helped my cause a couple times at the party, it's all too painlfully clear from looking at the reject pile. Think think think.
5) Flash, I've really got to master the flash. It's still a big mental block for me, too often giving way under or way over exposed shots. The flash shots could have been helped if I had stoped to think think think, then I would have switched to time priority and gotten more keepers instead of getting lucky.

1) why doesn't IR work with an extension tube?
2) why was a my color balance so off on a couple of the party shots? was it the combination of streaming in sun light and artifical light? yellow walss? probably could have done a manual white balance adjustment.
3) why didn't I shoot any b&w at the party? I like the look, I find it conveys the mood better.

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A Guest Star

By Hass :: April 11, 2005 @ 08:47 PM

Here's Henry, a strapping lad from Queens making a guest apperance to promote his new book and dispell rumors about eye lash implants.

It was much tougher shooting a speedy 6 month old, than a torpid and floppy 1-month old. I think I still got a few decent shots in here. I also snuck in one josie pic. We'll have to get more pictures of the two of them together. Those should make for good embaressment fodder when they are sent off to the prom together.

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My wife is beautiful

By Hass :: March 06, 2005 @ 07:14 PM

Playing around with the photographic hobby, not much else to do with the baby not here yet.

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Feeling at home

By Hass :: February 23, 2005 @ 09:44 PM

The new place is starting to feel more and more like home everyday, things are nearly all unpacked, the walls are starting to look less bare. And here's how we decorated.

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Best picture of the year, 2005

By Hass :: January 03, 2005 @ 10:36 PM

Three days into 2005, and we already have the best picture of the year! we'll have to see if I can beat it. Shot it a few minutes before sunup in New Hope Pa. The stream right through town and past the bucks county playhouse, which is an old mill. This fall looks like it was once part of an undershot wheel, but I'm not a mill expert.

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2004-11-02 09:26:44

By Hass :: November 02, 2004 @ 06:33 AM

preg_lookuppreg_hands preg_profile

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2004-09-04 12:36:47

By Hass :: October 22, 2004 @ 08:33 AM


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By Hass :: October 22, 2004 @ 07:54 AM


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